2018 Legal Malpractice Summit Seminar

2018 Legal Malpractice Summit Seminar

Run Time: 202 minutes
Size: 1.2 GB

Available Licenses

 US$ 40.00 Member Rental (5 days)
 US$ 55.00 Non-Member Rental (5 days)
 US$ 40.00 Manatee County Member (5 days)
 US$ 30.00 March Madness (BCBA member only) 5 days


Hack Attack
  • Exposure of law firms and attorneys to liability for having their clients' data hacked
  • Liability for worms and ransomware
  • Protect yourself, your law, and your clients
Speakers: Michael Goldstein & Raymond L. Robin, Esq

Client Courting, Marriage, Separation, and Divorce (DS)
  • Due Diligence on Clients, such as credit checks, lawsuit searches, & Google seaches.
  • Engagement Letters (initial and expanding engagements)
  • Withdrawing/Discharge from representation
  • Firm Breakups (Duties owed to clients, frim and departing lawyer)
Speakers: Wendy J. Stein, Esq., Charles A. Morehead III., Esq., & Alan Pascal, Esq.

What Do I Do Now?
Situations raising common ethical/malpractice issues to be analized by the panel.
  • Real Estate
  • Probate
  • Family Law
  • Bankruptcy
  • Litigation
Speakers: The Honorable Jose Izquierdo, The Honorable Michael Usan, Susan K. Robin, Esq., Katherine Birnbaum, Esq., & Alan B. Cohn, Esq.

Mediation, Settlements and Proposals for Settlement/Malpractice Pitfalls
  • How to handle a Proposal for Settlement to your client to avoid second guessing later
  • What you need to do before and at mediation to ensure that the settlement reached weill be enforceable
  • Avoiding malpractice claims after settlements 
Speakers: The Honorable Raag Singhal, Jose Riguera, Esq., & Wendy J. Stein, Esq

CLE Credits
General             4.0
Ethics                1.0
Technology        1.0

Certification Credits
Business Litigation           4.0
Civil Trial                        4.0
Marital and Family Law    4.0

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